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NELDHA thanks the following sponsors for their generous support.


Connecticut College Arboretum is NELDHA's newest sponsor. Connecticut College Arboretum's mission is to provide outdoor teaching, laboratory and performance space for use by faculty and students in all College departments and programs. In both teaching and research, the Arboretum is a unique and valuable academic resource and support facility.

The Arboretum's very diverse 770 acres include the landscaped grounds of the College campus as well as the surrounding plant collections, natural areas and managed landscapes. These resources all support the College's mission of preparing the next generation of citizen-leaders, whose diverse responsibilities will include crafting a sustainable relationship with the natural world.

The Arboretum offers visitors a chance to explore a diverse collection of natives and botanicals, to view a performance by Flock Theatre, or to just simply wander and enjoy the beauty of this precious natural resource.


Jon Hogan, Landscape Designer at Guerrilla Gardeners, Dorchester, MA Tel. 617-763-0826


TDL Landscaping, Inc. Boston and Woburn, MA Tel1-800-581-5596


Bill Gavin at  Gavin Studios Millis, MA Tel. 508-376-5727