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NELDHA Member Jill Nooney Presenting a Talk on "Fine Garden Art" at the Boston Flower Show

NELDHA Member Jill Nooney is giving a talk at the Boston Flower show on Saturday March 19, 2011  at 10:30 "Art in the Garden" and  ways to expand ones thinking about it.
The theme of the Boston Flower Show this year is "A burst of color: celebrating the container garden". Jill's exhibit is called "It's about time. We are all just passing through." with tag lines of '"The world is dew, the world is dew, and yet, and yet" "Outside is magic." and "The materials in this exhibit were collected within a ten mile radius of my home."

This is an exhibit of a baby boomer. Her containers include lotus seed pods, skulls, birds nests, shells, eggs, equisetum (makes a tiny vase), milkweed pods, etc. The vibrant color, such as it is, comes from the cooked lobster shells.

Jill is taking the scary path of including nothing that is living in her exhibit in a winter when everyone is sick of drab. Please visit Jill at the show and go to her talk if you are there on Saturday morning.
Jill's website is

Hope we see you there!